The Black Mask Series

The Black Mask Series (writing as Candice King)

(Also available in audio book.)

Seduced by the Vigilante

Brilliant criminal analyst, Catherine Farrows is tasked with investigating a vigilante that preys on New York’s elite. The case leads to an erotic encounter that rock’s her world and leaves her torn between a budding romance and her desire for the man who kills for justice.


Cupid’s War

As Catherine struggles with her love for Tom and her passion for the Black Mask vigilante, a nemesis appears that aims to kill them both. Never before has her conscience and convictions been so at odds. Neither has she ever been happier… or more in danger.


Victim’s Vendetta

Catherine, the Black Mask and their allies are getting closer to the Ganymede Society, a secret cabal of one-percenters who exploit and murder those most vulnerable. They must join forces with the mysterious Fatale in order to save one of their own from a horrific fate.


Best Laid Plans

Armed with a list of the Ganymede members, Catherine, the Black Mask and their allies close in on the evil organization and plan a final, violent siege against them. But before they can attack, Fatale’s life is put in danger, leaving the group in chaos.


Hurricane Season

When the head of the evil Ganymede Society flees to Haiti, Catherine, the Black Mask, and their fellow vigilantes follow him. In a dangerous and chaotic place, what kind of deals will they need to make to survive and finally end his evil?

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