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Tienna Wilde writes books about Vigilantes, Detectives, Spies and more – usually with strong female characters who step outside the expectations of society.

She writes both fiction and non-fiction, under a number of pen names.  A particular fondness for mysteries, action, and non-standard female characters has resulted in her passion for bringing stories to life.

When she’s not writing, she likes to travel (when that’s possible….) and otherwise lives a deceptively ordinary life.

You’ll find more information about her books below (you can find them all on Amazon, and also, depending on the series, on other sites too, as well as in paperback).

The Black Mask Series

The Black Mask Series (writing as Candice King)

(Also available in audio book.)

Seduced by the Vigilante

Brilliant criminal analyst, Catherine Farrows is tasked with investigating a vigilante that preys on New York’s elite. The case leads to an erotic encounter that rock’s her world and leaves her torn between a budding romance and her desire for the man who kills for justice.


Cupid’s War

As Catherine struggles with her love for Tom and her passion for the Black Mask vigilante, a nemesis appears that aims to kill them both. Never before has her conscience and convictions been so at odds. Neither has she ever been happier… or more in danger.


Victim’s Vendetta

Catherine, the Black Mask and their allies are getting closer to the Ganymede Society, a secret cabal of one-percenters who exploit and murder those most vulnerable. They must join forces with the mysterious Fatale in order to save one of their own from a horrific fate.


Best Laid Plans

Armed with a list of the Ganymede members, Catherine, the Black Mask and their allies close in on the evil organization and plan a final, violent siege against them. But before they can attack, Fatale’s life is put in danger, leaving the group in chaos.


Hurricane Season

When the head of the evil Ganymede Society flees to Haiti, Catherine, the Black Mask, and their fellow vigilantes follow him. In a dangerous and chaotic place, what kind of deals will they need to make to survive and finally end his evil?

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The Strikeforce Agent Valerie Inglewood Series


Bad Moon Rising front cover

Bad Moon Rising

At a Luxury Resort, dead customers are bad for business…

Valerie Inglewood just landed her dream job. She’s the second woman ever selected to the elite Strikeforce Investigation Team out of Denver, Colorado. Now, investigating a mysterious murder at the elite Mackenzie Hunting Lodge in the remote Rocky Mountains, she can’t deny the attraction she feels for the prime suspect, the Lodge’s blue-eyed maintenance man, and local heartthrob, Jeff Everson.

It seems that everyone has secrets… but these secrets kill….

Will temptation lead her into deadly danger? or will her instincts prove right in time to save her? Can Val crack her first case before she becomes the next victim? Is her new love interest a calculating killer after all?


One Bad Apple

Murder and peaceful spirituality don’t mix…. or at least, they shouldn’t.

Valerie Inglewood and her partner travel deep into the Northern New Mexico mountains to investigate a murder at the EdenCloud spiritual retreat center. But all is not as it appears in this idyllic place, and the free souls dwelling in the heavenly bliss of the spirit world aren’t as holy as they’d like the investigators to think they are.

From the moment they arrive, the center’s leaders thwart their efforts at every turn. Valerie must navigate an insidious labyrinth of lies, fraud, and intrigue to catch the killer – the killer that no-one wants them to know exists.

Can they find an ally in this nest of vipers? Is Valerie’s attraction to the victim’s son real, or just a result of being thrown together?

When everyone is a suspect, where do you start?

Bad Blood

Mixing Family Feuds, Murder and Mob Warfare is a Bad Idea….

The mob is at war on the streets of Denver, and the elite Strikeforce Investigation Team is caught in the crossfire. The heat is turned up when a madman armed with a machine gun shoots up the Morning Maven Cafe with Valerie Inglewood and her partner in it. Dealing with the situation just got personal…

But nothing is as it seems in the twisted world of organized crime. The investigators find themselves falling farther and farther down the rabbit hole of lies, intrigue, and danger that could cost them their very lives. When Valerie and Charlene are given some extra manpower – in the form of another Strikeforce investigator, and his rookie partner who just joined the team – things should get easier. But…. Life’s never that simple – it turns out that the new investigator is Valerie’s old flame, ex-Navy SEAL Jeff Everson, and the assignment reignites their passion for each other.

Can the lovers keep their budding romance under wraps, or will both their careers be ruined when Charlene finds out they can’t keep their hands off each other? Can they stay alive long enough to find out?

Bad Intent

When everyone’s got something to hide, and murder is involved, investigating could get you killed….

Valerie Inglewood impresses everyone on the Strikeforce Team with her investigative skills, and word of her exploits travels far and wide through the law enforcement community. But nothing in Valerie’s experience prepares her for the day when her beau Jeff Everson leaves for Florida, on an assignment, and Valerie’s old flame Dan Henderson reappears in her life.

Dan isn’t what he seems, though, he belongs to a federal agency so secret that no-one knows it exists, and Valerie finds herself pulled into the highest echelons of elite law enforcement. With a case to solve, where nothing is as it seems, international gangs and people traffickers are involved, and the first suspect for a murder is a man who’s already dead, Valerie has a lot on her plate.

As if things weren’t complicated enough, Dan won’t rest until he steals Valerie away from her beloved Strikeforce Team to join him working for the super secret agency. But what will happen when Jeff finds out there’s another man vying for Valerie’s affections?


From Bad to Worse

When everything comes to a head, and Val is trapped between the two men she cares for, in the middle of an investigation, she wonders if things could possible get worse – they can. Her partner is kidnapped, and she has to work with both men to save her, before it’s too late.

Jeff and Dan want her to choose between them, but she finds that she can’t – will her uncertainty get everyone killed?

The Company of Spies series

Coming Soon!

The Company of Spies Series (as Tienna Wilde)


From Beyond (coming soon)

Dirty Deeds Foreseen (coming soon)

Actions Unforgiven (coming soon)

Ghostly Heroics (coming soon)